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Friday, March 28th, 2003

The Mandir
Designed in the mind

I have never really gotten sick on any of my previous trips to India, but I felt queasy for most of the morning, my fabled African cast-iron stomach letting me down, ever so slightly. It's ekadasi today, so I eat very little...

In the afternoon Srila Govinda Maharaj inspects the progress of the Sri Anu Giriraj Mandir. Janardan Maharaj comments on the beauty of the exterior. Srila Gurudeva says:

"Yes, I meditated on the design, and changed the design many times, in my mind, but once I gave the builder instructions on how to do it, that was final — no more changes."

We go into the mandir to get the darshan of Sri Giriraj. Srila Gurudeva comments on how cool it is in the temple room, and attributes the coolness to the height of the ceiling, which is at least twenty feet high: "No air conditioner needed here."
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