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Friday, April 4th, 2003

Service Calls
A small part to play in Russia

Sandeep Prabhu calls to say that I am no longer wait-listed with Aeroflot for my flight to Moscow on the sixth; my ticket is confirmed.

Because the flight is at four-thirty on Sunday morning, I will have to leave the Seva Ashram tomorrow night at about eight o'clock.

When I tell Srila Gurudeva, he ponders the news for a while, and says, "It is all for the good." Then, smiling affectionately, "You are very fortunate: service is calling you."

I am fortunate indeed; it is rare that one can receive some responsible service. By the grace of Srila Gurudeva and Goswami Maharaj I have been given a small part to play, to keep me focused, to keep me out of trouble.

I tell Srila Gurudeva that I received an email from Srutasrava Prabhu saying that he was going to come to India on April 13th, and that he would stop in Russia on his way back if Srila Gurudeva approved.

I mention that when Srutasrava Prabhu heard I was going to Russia, he gave me two pairs of his woolen socks. "I hope he doesn't want them back."

Srila Gurudeva laughs out loud. I'm going to be sorry to leave...
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