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Saturday, April 19th, 2003

Another hot day in Novosibirsk

At midday, some devotees gather in the small apartment. There will be a small program here, later this afternoon, with a few invited guests.

We have something to eat, someone asks a question about Krishna consciousness, and I try to present the conception that has been given by my gurudevas.

At three o'clock a few guests arrive, and Goswami Maharaj comes out of his room, leads a little kirtan, and talks about guru and sambanda-jnana...

The room is hot — very hot! I'm not just perspiring: I'm oozing sweat! Someone opens a window. Siberia — huh! This could easily be India — or Africa!

Later that evening the devotees pack their bags in preparation for our four-hour road trip to Tomsk tomorrow morning.

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