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Friday, April 25th, 2003

More Visa Problems
This time with India...

Goswami Maharaj and I are scheduled to return to India on Monday. We were going to go to Delhi and then on to Govardhan, but since Srila Govinda Maharaj left today for Kolkata, we will just continue our flight from Delhi to Kolkata. It will be a will be good to be back with Srila Gurudev.

I have a six-month, multiple entry visa for India, but since it expires on June 9th, I thought I would try to renew it while I am here in Moscow, instead of having to leave India and go to some exotic out-of-the-way place like Bangkok or Katmandu just to get it renewed in six weeks time.

(I can just hear my sister saying: "Exotic out-of-the-way places are a problem? I'll go and renew your visa for you!" :)

But when I called the Indian embassy, the person that I spoke to said that not only can my visa not be renewed while it is still valid, but that after it expires, it cannot be renewed for at least three months!

This means that I cannot stay in India after the first week of June...
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