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Wednesday, May 21st, 2003

Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Terrific Storm

Strong winds and rain

We had another terrific storm last night. (Since we don't have a cup anemometer on the roof :) there was no way to measure the velocity of the wind, but I would think that it had to be at least gale force (60 mph/100 kph).

Although our living quarters above the nat mandir are sheltered by the domes of the temple, the strong wind nevertheless blows the driving rain over the top of the low wall at the end of the corridor and all the way down the passage to the balcony at the other end. The shutters on the windows to our rooms bang open and shut, and have to be firmly latched.

The storm is furious at being locked out: the rain hisses and seethes in anger and the screeching wind commandeers the limbs of the tall trees and uses them to bang against the roof and pound noisily against the sides of the building, demanding to be let in. The smaller branches and leaves are also enlisted, although they can only claw and scrape menacingly, but ineffectually, along the sides of the walls.

Now the wind, like a humiliated bully searching for an outlet for his frustration, races across the road to the kunda who has witnessed his defeat, and takes out his fury on the surface of the water, snarling and spitting flecks of white foam as he lashes the surface and raises welts, like waves, across the skin of the shivering, defenseless pond.

I wonder what the monsoon season is like?

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