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Thursday, June 5th, 2003

Johannesburg, South Africa.

Eastern Wave

First radio interview

Following in the footsteps of Srila Gurudeva, Goswami Maharaj and I appear on East Wave Radio in a live talk show, Morals and Ethics, hosted by Mr. Vishnu C. Maharaj. This is the same radio station that interviewed Srila Gurudeva five years ago almost to the day, on June 4th, 1998.

That evening Premasindhu Prabhu drives Goswami Maharaj, Shanta Prabhu, and me to the radio station on Protea Street in Lenasia for the eight o' clock interview which has been arranged by his daughter, Kanchana Devi Dasi, and Bhakta Shaun.

Goswami Maharaj begins by speaking about "Morals and Ethics in Vedic Culture" (as he has been asked to) but since this is a call-in radio program, he is soon answering questions about Vedic rituals, animal sacrifice, karma and sadhu-sangha.

I answer some questions about three of Srila Sridhar Maharaj books that were published by Goswami Maharaj and the Guardian of Devotion Press: The Search For Sri Krishna, The Golden Volcano of Divine Love, and The Subjective Evolution of Consciousness.

Although it was originally scheduled for one hour, the program is so lively that our host lets it run until nine-thirty. Shanta Prabhu invites listeners to attend our programs at the Ashram

We thank our host for giving us an opportunity to present our conception of Krishna consciousness, and head back to the Ashram.

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