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Friday, July 4th, 2003

Johannesburg, South Africa

Turkish Visa

More tour delays

Paramahamsa Maharaj and I were supposed to leave South Africa next week, on July 10th, but due to a delay getting one of his visas, our departure for London has been pushed out to Sunday 13th. We spend a week in London, and then we fly to Ankara, Turkey, via Istanbul, to spend nine days at the Sri Govinda Math Yoga Center. From Turkey, we will join Srila Gurudev's tour in Italy, and travel with His Divine Grace to Russia in August.

When I applied for a Turkish visa in Delhi, India, last month, I was told that South African citizens did not need a visa for Turkey. Now I find that I do need a visa, and that it takes from one to two weeks to process a visa application.

So if I don't get my visa back in time, Paramahamsa Maharaj will have to fly to London alone and I will join him there as soon as I get my passport back. And I still have to get my Italian visa...

I'm so bad when it comes to making my own travel arrangements! Jamuna Priya Devi Dasi did her best to help me, but I can't even take care of the little details, or communicate properly. Where is Lucille? Where is Sanatani? Waaah!

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