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Tuesday, July 15th, 2003

Johannesburg, South Africa

Mission Accomplished?

My last night in South Africa

I get word that my application for a Turkish visa has been successful and that my passport and visa will be returned to my travel agent by the end of the day. This is timely; I have to be in London by Thursday because I am scheduled to fly to Turkey with Paramahamsa Maharaj on Friday.

This will be my last night in South Africa. It has been good to renew my friendship with so many devotees from the old days and to make new acquaintances, although I don't know how successful we have been in uniting the various factions and harmonizing and assuaging the various recalcitrant personalities and egos...

I don't know how much more we could do. We have stressed Sriman Mahaprabhu's Krishna conscious criteria, Srila Gurudeva's formula, over and over again:

trnad api sunicena / taror api sahisnuna
amanina manadena / kirtaniyah sada harih

"One who knows himself more insignificant than a blade of grass, who is as forbearing as a tree, and who gives due honor to others without desiring it for himself, is qualified to sing the glories of Lord Hari constantly."

We have tried to represent Srila Gurudeva's desire as accurately as possible: let he who has ears to hear, hear...

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