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Wednesday, August 13th, 2003

St. Petersburg, Russia

Ecological Action

Press release

Sripad Bhakti Bimal Avadhut Maharaj, the leader of the Russian Mission of the Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, is always looking for new ways to connect the public to Krishna consciousness. This is his latest idea:

Press Release

Ecological Action: "The Earth is Our Home"

Ecology week at St. Petersburg

Beach Cleanup: August 14 at 11.00 a.m. at Lahta beach, St. Petersburg.

More than one hundred people from about fifteen countries will clean the three-kilometer section of Lahta beach along the Gulf of Finland coast.

The most beautiful places on earth, unfortunately, usually suffer most from the invasion of those who come to contemplate and enjoy it. But appreciating beauty means serving beauty, not exploiting it. We call upon everybody to look after of pureness of nature, which delights us and bring us pleasure. In this way we are cultivating new type of consciousness: change your attitude to the environment and you can change the world.

Mass-media representatives will have an opportunity to visit the festival as guests of honor, meet interesting people and activists who have come to Saint Petersburg from different countries, interview and report on a wide variety of interesting subjects and personalities, and sample delicious Indian vegetarian cuisine.

Contact numbers: 115-17-88, 973-58-81, 8-921-307-50-79.

Address: Bhakti-Yoga Center, Saint Petersburg, ul. Morskaya, 15.

For additional information, please go to

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