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Tuesday, April 1st, 2003

Mixed Emotions
My visa finally arrives

At the afternoon darshan, Srila Gurudeva spoke about the importance of sadhu-sangha, and how it is sometimes necessary to stay with a sadhu for a long time...

So of course, that evening Sandeep Prabhu calls and says that my invitation to Russia had arrived in the mail and that he had taken it to the Russian embassy and obtained a visa for me that same day.

He also says that he has booked my flight to Moscow on Aeroflot. I am wait-listed for Sunday 6th, and confirmed for next Wednesday 9th.

I am happy that I am finally going to join Goswami Maharaj on his lecture tour of Russia, but that happiness is tempered with regret that I will have to leave Srila Gurudeva's association so soon...
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