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Sunday, May 25th, 2003

Bleary-eyed in Kolkata, India.

Loud Music

Can't get away

Do people really think that playing their music loudly is appreciated by their neighbors? "Listen dear, they're playing our song. How nice!"

In the United States, you can at least call the cops and have them shut the offending music down. Not so in India. It must be quite legal to have loud music blaring all through the night, because nobody ever seems to complain.

And we're not just talking about somebody's radio being played at the maximum level — here up to four external loud-speakers are attached to a telephone pole out in the street and the music is played at what must be at least 120 decibels!

Didn't the United States army use loud music to torture Manuel Noriega and his cronies when they were holed up in somebody's embassy in Panama?

Thanks for listening!

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