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Monday, June 2nd, 2003

Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

On The Move

Dispatching the troops

The countdown has begun. Bhakti Sudhir Goswami Maharaj and I leave for South Africa tomorrow. Bhakti Amal Paramahamsa Maharaj flies to Caracas, Venezuela, on Friday to install the deities, Sri Sri Nitai Gaurachandra.

Bhakti Pavan Janardan Maharaj from California and Bhakti Kusum Ashram Maharaj from Mexico will shortly join Paramahamsa Maharaj in Venezuela to assist with the deity installation.

Bhakti Premik Siddhanti Maharaj and Bhakti Bimal Avadhut Maharaj, currently in the U.S.A. and Canada respectively, will soon return to Russia to join Bhakti Chaitanya Bharati Maharaj to help prepare for Srila Govinda Maharaj's tour in August.

After the installation in Venezuela, Paramahamsa Maharaj will fly to Johannesburg to join Goswami Maharaj and me in South Africa.

In July, Paramahamsa Maharaj and I, at the invitation of the devotees in Turkey, and on the order of Srila Gurudev, will fly to Ankara, via London, and spend at least a week at the Sri Govinda Math Yoga Centre. From Turkey, we will either join Srila Gurudev's tour in Italy, or go on ahead to Russia.

That great general, Srila Govinda Maharaj, is assembling his troops on five continents and dispatching them throughout the world. Soon, he himself will begin his preaching tour of England, Italy, and Russia, to personally enthuse and enliven the devotees there.

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