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Saturday, June 21st, 2003

Johannesburg, South Africa.

Goswami Departs

Second half of tour begins

Goswami Maharaj returns to India, to the lotus feet of Srila Gurudeva, this morning. Before he leaves, he briefs Paramahamsa Maharaj (who flew in last night from Venezuela/India) on the progress of the tour so far and what still needs to be accomplished.

Paramahamsa Maharaj and I will stay here in South Africa (revisiting Durban and Pietermaritzburg) until July 10th, when we will travel to London, then on to Istanbul and Ankara. From Turkey we will both travel to Milan to join Srila Gurudeva and Goswami Maharaj on Srila Gurudeva's 20th World Tour, then travel with Srila Gurudeva's entourage to Moscow and Saint Petersburg, and maybe to the Ukraine as well.

All the devotees pay their obeisances to Goswami Maharaj and express their heartfelt appreciation for the inspiration and enthusiasm that he has aroused in them.

Premasindhu Prabhu and I drive Goswami Maharaj to the Johannesburg international airport and see him off at noon. I am going to miss my guardian and protector.

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