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We are invited to a nama-hatta — a program of kirtan, krishna-katha, and prasadam.

Friday, October 17th, 2003

Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation


Neighborhood preaching

In the evening we are invited to the apartment of Divya Sundar Prabhu and Nava Gopi Devi Dasi for a nama-hatta program — a program where we sing some kirtan, speak some krishna-katha, and take some prasadam.

These nama-hattas (or nama-sanghas as we used to call them in the early eighties in South Africa) are a great way to preach. The devotees from the temple, at the invitation of householders in the area, go into the neighborhoods for an hour or two to spread Krishna consciousness in a less formal environment than the temple.

The householders invite some of their neighbors and friends to their apartment one day during the week, and, for an hour or two, they are given an opportunity to hear and discuss topics about Krishna consciousness.

Nava Gopi and Lila Rupa Devi Dasi prepare an ethnic dish, pelmeni (which I can only describe as being similar to a samosa, but more doughy), and after ending the krishna-katha with a final kirtan, we all crowd into the tiny, cozy kitchen to eat the delicious pelmeni with sour cream and an accompanying salad.

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