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I'm, like,
"Guys... have you ever heard of something called a hotel?"

Tuesday, November 4th, 2003

Donetsk, Ukraine

We Leave Donetsk

After thirty-six hours

Muralishwar Prabhu, Mukunda Prabhu Brahmachari, Ishwar Prabhu, Vanamali Prabhu, and I — who all came up on the train from Zaporizhzhya yesterday — are having breakfast. Where are our hosts?

"Whose apartment is this?" I ask.

The apartment has been rented especially for us, I am told. Since we only arrived yesterday morning, and we leave for Kiev at six o' clock this evening, I'm, like, "Guys... have you ever heard of something called a hotel?"

Apparently, you can rent an apartment for a single day here in the Ukraine: this apartment has been rented for just two days. In California, you would be required to pay the rent three months in advance, plus a security deposit...

Many of the local devotees — Haladhara Prabhu and Saraswati Devi Dasi, Gaura Sundar Prabhu and his daughter Priya Sakhi Devi Dasi, Mahanama Vrata Prabhu, Shyama Mohan Prabhu, and Aleksander and Svetlana — come over to the apartment later in the day, and we spend a pleasant afternoon together singing kirtans, discussing Krishna conscious philosophy, and taking prasadam.

At six o' clock we drive to the Donetsk railway station to catch the overnight train to Kiev in the north-central Ukraine. It is a twelve-hour journey.

We have only been in Donetsk for thirty-six hours, but we have met many sincere devotees, and have been impressed and enlivened by their enthusiasm.

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