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They may kill me in India for saying this, but...

Thursday, December 18th, 2003

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Mirabhai vs. Charlie

Who is the greater devotee?

At the morning class after mangala arati, somebody asks about sahajiyas in general, and Mirabhai in particular. I explain that because Mirabhai has no connection to the real devotees of Krishna, we consider her devotion to be false and imaginary.

We at the Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math reject Mirabhai and other so-called devotees of Lord Krishna from the category of real devotees. Why? Because although she is enthusiastic or mad in her praise of Krishna, she has no substantial connection to the Vaishnavas, to the real devotees of Krishna.

In other words, Mirabhai is a sahajiya — an imitationist. We cannot trace a connection from her to Sri Krishna because she is not connected to His devotees. She may think that she has a connection with Krishna, but it is all imaginary. Her imagined achievement (so-called union with Krishna) is nothing more than mental speculation — sheer concoction.

Imagination is a product of the mind, a mental exercise; it has nothing to do with truth. The mind is material — within this plane of exploitation — and therefore full of misconception. It cannot reach the stage of feeling or perceiving the truth proper, of having a real and substantial connection to the plane of reality.

I go so far as to say that although they may kill me in India for saying this, Charlie, our temple watchdog, is more of a devotee of Krishna than Mirabhai ever was, because Charlie has the affection of the Vaishnavas, and a real service connection to Srila Gurudeva's temple here in Saint Petersburg...

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