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The Baltic Sea could now be called the Baltic ice-rink.

Tuesday, January 6th, 2004

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Winter Freeze

Snow and frost cover all

Oof! It is -15°C (5°F) today! It is hard to breathe outside; the air is so cold that it freezes the hair in you nostrils (I can just hear Tink saying, "Eeeww!") so that it feels like your nose is blocked.

Outside, the environment seems to have been transformed into a veritable winter wonderland (pronounce that like Elmer Fudd and you have some nice awitewation going). Snow and frost cling to everything.

The branches of the trees, the telephone lines, and the ironwork on the gate are all covered in accretions of snow and frost: they all look like they have been thickly bread crumbed and dipped in flour (Homer: "Hmmm... bread crumbs.").

The Baltic Sea, particularly the Gulf of Finland right outside my window, could now be called the Baltic ice-rink. It is frozen for as far as the eye can see — all the way to the horizon.

Every morning, just before sunrise (ten o' clock) some intrepid fishermen venture out into the middle of the bay and try to catch fish through holes cut into the ice — something I have only ever seen done in a comic books — and at sunset (four-thirty) they traipse back again.

Brrr! And they say it will get colder before it gets warmer...

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