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I stress that I
am only the instrument for conferring the grace of Sri Guru.

Wednesday, January 21st, 2004

Odessa, Ukraine

Ritvik Initiations

Four new initiates

At the evening program last night, two people requested a connection to Srila Govinda Maharaj through harinama initiation: our hostess, Natalie, and Bhogdan (introduced and recommended by Gaurachandra Prabhu). This morning, Nikolai (who accompanied us from Kiev) and another young man, Sergei, also request a connection with Srila Gurudeva.

As requested by Avadhut Maharaj and approved by Srila Gurudeva for the propagation of the Russian Mission, I have been authorized to act as ritvik on behalf of Srila Gurudeva in Russia and the Ukraine, to connect all sincere seekers to His Divine Grace.

Srila Gurudeva is very merciful, and gives initiation to just about everyone who asks, but to protect Srila Gurudeva and his mission, I ask all aspirants who request initiation two questions: "Why do you want initiation?" and, "Why do you want initiation from Srila Govinda Maharaj?"

There are no absolute answers, of course, but the aspirants should at least have some idea about what they are about to enter into, and why they want a connection to this particular source.

Stressing that I am only the instrument for conferring the grace of Sri Guru, I initiate Narayani devi dasi, Bhakta das, Nimai Sundar das, and Sanjaya das on behalf of Srila Gurudeva, thus connecting them, through service, to the lotus feet of Sri Guru.

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