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Saturday, September 27th, 2003

Kolkata, West Bengal, India


Just what the doctor ordered

Every day a few devotees go to visit Srila Gurudeva at the medical center. The clinic is a short a ten-minute drive away, but because Srila Gurudeva is there to recuperate from the exertions of his 20th World Tour which ended just a few weeks ago, only a few of us visit, for about fifteen minutes at a time, every second day or so.

Of course, Srila Gurudeva's personal assistants, Ranajith Prabhu and Jamuna Priya Devi Dasi, spend most of their time with him, and Goswami Maharaj and Mahananda Prabhu visit every day.

Srila Gurudeva looks good today: sitting in his chair, walking around, smiling, and talking with a much stronger voice. He is pleased with the facilities, the doctors, the nurses, and the caring, professional staff.

This place is obviously good for Srila Gurudeva. His suite is more like that found in a hotel than a medical center. With loving and caring attention from the devotees and the medical staff, it is the ideal place to relax and recover some of his former health.

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