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I spend the day in the office, in the "publishing center" here at the St. Petersburg temple.

Tuesday, November 18th, 2003

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Getting Ready

Working in the office

The days are getting colder. It is -2°C this morning. The soft, light snow that fell all day yesterday is now crunchy underfoot, its surface hardened into ice during the long, cold night.

Saint Petersburg is in the extreme Northern Temperate Zone, just six degrees south of the Arctic Circle, so, with the onset of winter, the sun hangs low in the sky, never higher than ten o' clock (even at twelve o' clock! :-).

I spend the day in the office, in the "publishing center" here at the Saint Petersburg temple, sorting through and cataloging the many digital images on my laptop computer and the various other computers and hard-drives in the office. The pictures will be used in future publications, web pages, and slide shows, among other things.

Ashutosha Prabhu, Ragalekha Devi Dasi, and Amrita Mayi Devi Dasi compile, translate, and proofread manuscripts to be included in the latest Sadhu Sangha magazine.

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