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The publishing team spends all day in the publishing center, laying out the magazine.

Friday, November 21st, 2003

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Magazine Layout

Work starts in earnest

Sripad Avadhut Maharaj arrives on the eight o' clock train from Moscow this morning, with Madhava Krishna Prabhu. After some breakfast at Vijay Raman Prabhu's house, we start work in earnest on the Sadhu Sangha magazine.

The publishing team — Avadhut Maharaj, Madhava Krishna Prabhu, Ragalekha Devi Dasi, Ashutosha Prabhu, Amrita Mayi Devi Dasi, Dina Dayal Prabhu, Vrindavan Chandra Prabhu and I — spends all day in the publishing center, the main office above the kitchen, laying out the magazine.

We edit and proofread the text, edit, crop, and enhance the digital images (we don't even call them photographs anymore, do we) under the direction of the ubiquitous Avadhut Maharaj.

We are under the gun: we to have the magazine ready by Srila Gurudeva's Vyasa Puja on December 10th, so we don't have much time.

By the end of the day we have some idea of the shape that the magazine is taking, but we still have a long way to go...

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