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I know I am making progress because I have eliminated most of the major suspects...

Sunday, December 28th, 2003

Moscow, Russia


What did not happen to Christmas

So here I am in Moscow, kids, having taken the train from Saint Petersburg last night, to try to get some more leads about what happened to Christmas in Russia. Thanks for all the email with your clues and suggestions. I know I am making progress because I have eliminated most of the major suspects:

Christmas was not stolen by the Grinch (this time), but thanks for the tip, Michaela, who wrote: "Papa, i thought you knowd the Grinch took christmas. Papa, he stoled it so nobuddy will have Christmas..."

Maya's lead: "Papa I know what happen. Jack the Pumpkin King took it back to Holloween Town. He liked christmas, papa. He took it!" was also wrong. Christmas was not co-opted by Jack Skellington (from The Nightmare Before Christmas). Maya adds: "Did you really saw santa with my presents?"

And no, Tink, Christmas was not bah! humbug!'ed out of existence by Ebenezer Scrooge!

It has been a busy day, rushing up and down Moscow, following different clues, questioning likely suspects. It's tough being a detective when you don't like to talk to people, especially on the phone! Where are Lucille and Sanatani when I need them?

I am leaving now for Red Square (which, as you know, is right next to Blue Square) to investigate the most promising clue so far, which came from Lilamrita (from Portland). I am pretty sure that I will have this case wrapped by tomorrow...

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