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May 2005

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Week 1
India: West Bengal: Calcutta

Three traumatic tales from the iMonk's childhood:

A fish out of water
From the beginning, it was obvious the little guy did not fit in...

Foul play on the farm
The young boy is horrified when fowl play turns to foul play...

You can't go back
Fantasy vs. reality: when you take a life you can't give it back.

Week 2
India: West Bengal: Calcutta

Exemplary behavior
Who still strives to serve Guru and Vaishnava to the best of their ability, despite their deplorable plight? A surprising answer.

Week 3
India: West Bengal: Calcutta

One more week
With Srila Gurudeva in "the intimate closeness of his veranda"...

Miserly behavior
It seems that the mango trees are far more generous than their so-called owner, who begrudges the devotees their fruit.

Week 4+
India: Calcutta / Ukraine: Kiev, Zaporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk

From Calcutta...
The iMonk flies from India...

...To Kiev the Ukraine.

Taking to the streets
Chanting the maha-mantra in the streets of Kiev.

On the go
After two long days in Kiev...

Zapo—who? tongue-twisting city name after the other.

Another day, another city
By car to Dnipropetrovsk for the weekend Harmony Festival.

Harmony in the park
"We will achieve harmony when we understand that everything exists exclusively for Krishna's enjoyment..."

Day of rest
iMonk takes a break... from blogging!

Aleks TV interview
A half-hour interview on the Wake Up With Aleks TV show.

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