iMonk Archive: 2007

After six months in the United States, the iMonk travels to India to get the association, blessings and sanction of his guru, before beginning a South African lecture-tour of the cities of Durban and Johannesburg.


January 7th New Turkish archive

The new iMonk Turkish archive is now online. iMonk blogs, bio and letters are now available, in Turkish, in one easily accessible archive.

January 14th Top ten blogs

Introducing the iMonk Top Ten web page, featuring the ten most popular iMonk blogs, based on page views and readers' feedback.

January 21st A chance contingency

Why does Srila Sridhar Maharaj say 'chance contingency'? Is this redundant or deliberate? What is its significance, if any?

January 30th Real reading

Reading books on our own will not give us transcendental knowledge. We must read with the help of a Vaishnava mentor.


February 7th iMonk web site update

Changes include: better navigation links, chronological layout for easier reading, reformatted archives to improve searches.

February 14th Searching for love

Srila Gurudeva answers the question: "Why do the devotees say that there is no such thing as love in this mundane world?"

February 21st Slow but sure

Progress in Krishna consciousness is not instantaneous; it is a gradual, step-by-step process of elimination and new acceptance.

February 28th Home comfort

Misusing our free will, we have been led astray, but now we are being called, "Come home, back to God and back to home"...


March 3rd Loving search

The search for Sri Krishna is not hopelessly one-sided. Krishna is also lovingly, earnestly searching for us, His lost servants.

March 14th The affection connection

A disciplined child does not always see this connection to his parents' affection: he thinks they are just being mean to him.

March 21st Familiar environment

When we return to our rightful position in the transcendental world, we will find ourselves in a friendly, familiar environment.

March 30th Consciousness is the key

The only real difference between material activity and spiritual activity is the state of our consciousness.


April 1st April fool...

April Fool hoaxes are widely celebrated on the Internet. Are you smart enough to spot the April Fool joke on this (linked) page?

April 7th A waste of time?

Although seemingly frivolous, this joke was meant to hint at the value of time and the importance of living in the present.

April 11th Back to Godhead

Why do we say, "Back to Godhead"? What does it mean? Why not just say God? Why back to Godhead?

April 14th God and 'The Godhead'

"'God' is a particular conception of the Absolute, but 'Godhead' represents the Bhagavat: the Supreme Lord Himself."


June 28th Coming and going...

I am to fly to India next week, to see Srila Gurudeva, but I get an email saying that His Divine Grace won't be there for long...


July 6th Another step

I can remember the past and I can dream of the future, but I can only act in the present... The future is now!

July 7th Two rivers

Over London, I have a magnificent view of the Thames... but I'm looking out for another, mightier river...

July 8th In safe hands

I stand awkwardly before Srila Gurudeva, and I humbly bow my head as His Divine Grace slips the garland around my neck...

July 14th What to do?

I am so flustered that I don't know what to do. Should I go back in? Pay my obeisance again? I have to do something!

July 18th As luck would have it

A lowly crow gets lucky when some unfortunate devotees have insufficient piety to appreciate and properly honor prasadam...

July 21st Credit worthy

I see the same poor old man from before, sitting patiently on the bench outside, waiting to get a plate of prasadam...

July 30th Birds of a feather...

The ugliness of life is portrayed so vividly in this disgusting image of the crows fighting over the carcass of a dead rat! And yet that's why I have come to this dog eat dog world, isn't it?


August 1st Guru Purnima

Celebrating Guru Purnima with Srila Gurudeva at the Dum Dum Park temple in Calcutta.

August 6th Vaisnava Darshan

The new Vaisnava Darshan web site shares "videos and pictures of Srila Gurudeva and his mission."

August 10th 23rd World Tour begins

Srila Gurudeva begins his 23rd World Tour today, with His Divine Grace's first visit to Bangkok, Thailand.

August 12th Disappearing gurus

Why do we refer to these days (the anniversary of the death of all our great Vaishnava acharyas) as "disappearance" days?

August 21st Along came a spider... frighten the iMonk out of his complacency, compelling him to see just how capricious and precarious life in this world is.

August 28th Lord Balaram

As the older brother, Lord Balaram paves the way for Krishna, and as the guru, He shows us the way to Krishna.


September 2nd Return to Africa

The iMonk returns to South Africa after four years, to stay at the Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Ashram in Lenasia, Johannesburg.

September 3rd Dubai to Johannesburg

On the way to Johannesburg, a short layover in Dubai.

September 4th Sri Krishna Janmastami

Why is it so important to develop a proper understanding of the transcendental nature of Krishna's birth and pastimes?

September 14th Chanting

Srila Guru Maharaj encourages us to "take advantage of Divine Sound," because "this will give real relief to all [our] troubles."

September 19th Sri Radhastami

Srimati Radharani's position in our sampradaya is paramount. Without Her, even Krishna Himself has no attraction for us.

September 30th iMonk Mobile

Now — even if you don't have a computer — you can use your mobile phone to see a mobile-friendly version of the iMonk blog.


October 7th Just a minute!

An occasional series to give you pause: What is prasadam?

October 10th To Durban

The iMonk returns to his old hometown for a couple of weeks.

October 14th How to eat a bunny

Chowing down on Durban's famous bunny chow.

October 21st Hungry for a miracle

Does God really have nothing better to do than to appear in a bag of potato chips to satisfy a hungry couch potato?

October 30th Srila Narottama Das Thakur

The miraculous life of the great Vaishnava saint and songwriter whose devotional songs continue to inspire and motivate us.


November 3rd Srila Guru Maharaj's mercy

Our guardians must sometimes be cruel to be kind. We receive their special mercy when they care enough to correct us.

November 10th Child's play

Even as a child, Krishna performed amazing, superhuman feats — like lifting Govardhan Hill with the little finger of His left hand!

November 14th Srila Prabhupad's compassion

Even after he left this world, Srila Prabhupad still came back "to go near people who were lost in life, and teach them..."

November 21st Just a minute!

An occasional series to give you pause: Utilizing everything in Srila Gurudeva's service.


December 31st Wrapping up

No new iMonk blogs, so on this last day, we end with a wrap-up of the Top Ten most-viewed blogs for the last month of this year.


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