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Loving search

In the first paragraph of the Introduction to his book, Loving Search for the Lost Servant, Srila Sridhar Maharaj tells us why he chose this title:

The Lord's Loving Search for His Lost Servants: Great intensity is expressed here, in a simple way. It is a mad search, an urgent campaign. With great earnestness, Krishna comes to deliver His lost servants; Krishna comes to take us home.

When we read Srila Guru Maharaj's first book, Search For Sri Krishna — Reality the Beautiful, we were filled with so much hope for our future prospects... but also, if we were honest with ourselves, with so much despair at our own disqualifications. How would we ever find Krishna?

Here, in this follow-up book, Srila Guru Maharaj gives us so much more hope. The search for Krishna is not hopelessly one-sided! Krishna — with inexplicable, inconceivable, infinite affection — is also searching for us, His hopelessly lost servants:

The Lord's search for His lost servants is a loving search: it is not ordinary, but from the heart. And the Lord's heart is not an ordinary heart. Who can estimate what type of search He is engaged in? Although He is full in all respects, still He feels pangs of separation for every one of us, however small we may be. In spite of His supreme position, He has room for us in a corner of His loving heart.

Only Krishna can give us Krishna consciousness. On this Gaura Purnima holy day, Krishna Himself — as the Golden Lord, Gauranga — comes to distribute Himself, to show us how to be reunited with Him:

How are we to enter into such a loving relationship with the Lord? Through the grace of Sri Gauranga. Vasudeva Ghosh therefore says: "If Gauranga had not come, how could we live? And who would inform us about our ultimate prospect in life?" We have such a great prospect. And yet, without Gauranga, who would have come to inform us that we have so much wealth within?

All glories to the Golden Lord, Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu!

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