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We have to try to maintain some level of purity if we want to become Krishna conscious. Our gurus therefore advise us to follow specific rules and regulations and avoid practices that impede our spiritual progress. Disciples who follow these directives sincerely, to the best of their ability, are assured of rapid spiritual advancement.

Follow Regulations

· Four regulative principles

· Srila Gurudeva's order

· Sincerity is invincible

· Lord Zetland's incredulity

· Animal consciousness

Avoid Offenses

· Ten offenses [to Holy Name]

· Ten offenses [to Holy Dham]

· Humility, tolerance, respect

· Grace is not exclusive

· A sad day...

· Krishna unconscious

Keep Vows

· Forgotten promises

· Mea culpa

· Sadhana is also service

· Just do it!

· Wasting time

· Srila Gurudeva's letter

· Srila Gurudeva's lament

Observe Ekadasi

· Observing ekadasi

· Grains on ekadasi

· Fasting on ekadasi

· Nirjal ekadasi

· Just a minute!

Avoid Imitation/Sentiment

· Mirabhai vs. Charlie

· How not to see Krishna

Don't Lose Hope!

· Sincerity is invincible

· Daring to do

· As we like it

· Loving search

· Stop! Thief!

· Perseverance rewarded

· Srila Gurudeva's murti

· Visakha's whiteboard

· You go, girl!


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