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Stop! Thief!

A reader sent this one-line email comment in response to last week's What's the point? blog: "How infinitely vast the idea of giving your heart to anybody is!"

I dashed off this reply:

I'm not giving my heart to anybody! If Krishna wants it, He will have to steal it — like Mahaprabhu 'stole' Gadadhara Pandit's heart:

[Srila Sridhar Maharaj]: "Mahaprabhu took the fullest advantage of Gadadhara Pandit — sent him to the almost negative position — and Gadadhara Pandit gave it to Him voluntarily. His very heart was drawn in by Mahaprabhu, the whole of his wealth had been snatched by Mahaprabhu, and Gadadhara Pandit was like a shadow, running after Him, as if his heart had been stolen."

In Heart and Halo, Srila Sridhar Maharaj says: "Gadadhara Pandit represents Radharani's mood, Her nature, Her heart. It is as if Mahaprabhu has taken away Gadadhara Pandit's soul, and the body is still standing! That is the position of Gadadhara Pandit; he is quite empty, and following Mahaprabhu. He is not full in himself. Something — the most important thing, his heart — has been taken by Mahaprabhu, so he has no other alternative but to follow Him. He is wholly given up to Mahaprabhu."

Then I'll be forced to run after Him, crying, "Stop! Thief!" :)

And that is really our only hope of salvation, isn't it?

We may have erected high walls on all sides to protect ourselves so that Krishna consciousness may not enter, but Krishna is a thief, and a thief requires no invitation; no preparation is necessary for His welcome. He will enter for His own interest, and that is our consolation: our solace is that Krishna is a thief. Maya has erected her high walls on all sides, but nothing is sufficient to stop Krishna consciousness. Krishna is a thief, and stealthily He will enter one day.

A devotee may become hopeless, thinking, "The enemy is within my own house; my own kinsmen are my enemies. I am hopeless." We may become disappointed, but Krishna consciousness will not leave us in any way. Krishna will persevere, and in due course of time, He will conquer. And other things, no matter how closely related they may be in private and well-protected rooms in our hearts, will have to go. They must take leave from every corner of our hearts. Krishna will conquer; Krishna will capture the whole thing.

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Now if you will excuse me, I have to go add a few more rows of bricks to my walls... (I have a feeling they aren't high enough :)

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