iMonk Archive: 2009

A lean year for the iMonk... Very little travel, and consequently, even less blogging this year — sorry!


January 7th Bolo Hari!

In the midst of life we are in death. Even funeral processions here in Navadwip remind us to chant — while we still can!

January 14th All we need

How does Krishna reveal Himself in our heart when we chant? The answer may surprise you. (It's simpler than you think!)

January 21st Memories...

Fond recollections of Srila Guru Maharaj, on a rare pilgrimage to the veranda of his bhajan kutir at the Math in Navadwip.

January 23rd Wake-up call

A thief enters the altar room and steals the deities' jewelry. Why does Krishna allow something like this to happen?


February 4th Just do it!

There are no shortcuts to Krishna consciousness. A less than sincere petition leads to a stern rebuke from Lord Shiva.

February 14th Kirtan raiser

The Vaishnava Seva newsletter was the Seva Ashram's curtain raiser for the transition from the printing press to the internet.

February 21st Daring to do

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna and Srila Guru Maharaj give us enough encouragement to "dare to do what is difficult."


July 14th Tired realization

Shastra only becomes meaningful and relevant when we can connect it to our daily lives.


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