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Introspection is an essential part of an aspiring devotee's sadhana, or daily devotional practices. In this world of misconception (maya), consciousness is the only reality. Srila Sridhar Maharaj therefore urges us to "dive deep into reality" — to explore this wonderful world of consciousness — through introspection (self-examination), meditation (reflection), and prayer (purification).

Consciousness (Dive deep into reality)

· Journey into consciousness

· Dive deep into reality

· What is real?

· Questions (and answers)

· Truth through fiction

· Spiritual archaeology

· Where do we go?

· Living in eternity

· Easy journey to other planets

Virtual Reality

· Just a minute!

· All in the game

· Bhagavad Gita walkthrough

· Consciousness and shadow consciousness

· Ignorance is bliss

Subjective Evolution

· Consciousness and shadow consciousness

· Subjective Evolution of Consciousness

· Amazing Azra

· A history of exploitation

· Another world


· About this iMonk blog

· Soul-searching

· Dive deep into reality

· Welcome interruption

· Test of fire

· Things fall apart

· I see the moon...

· Human vs. animal consciousness


· Just do it!

· Cleaning the heart

· A New Year prayer

· Second anniversary prayer

· Third anniversary prayer

· The Year Ahead

· A Leap of Faith

· Nityananda Prabhu's mercy

Surrender (Die To Live)

· Draupadi's surrender

· As we like it

· What's the point?

· Self-surrender [Chaturmasya]

· Contaminated containers

· Have Passport — need visa

· Going to hell

Making Progress

· Carrying on

· Preparing for liftoff

· Making progress

· Who wants to go to heaven?

· Slow but sure


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