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January 11th The Hidden Treasure

We cannot discover the hidden treasure of Bhagavad Gita without the help of Krishna's agent, the guardian of our secret inheritance.

January 20th About this iMonk blog

Until I begin to write — until I see what I say — I don't really know what I think. Writing forces me to be more introspective, to dive deeper into reality.

January 30th Who wants to go to heaven?

Not me! :)   Heaven is a wonderful place, but you will be dismayed to discover that it is just a brief stop on the long journey to Vaikuntha.


February 12th Deities and idols

What is the difference between a deity and an idol? Is deity worship idol worship? Could deity worship ever be idol worship? Are we devotees or idolaters?

February 21st Grains on ekadasi

We are encouraged to do whatever is necessary for Krishna's service, even if that means disregarding a scriptural injunction occasionally.


March 10th As we like it

What does it mean to be a disciple? The bar is set a lot higher than we think — but as long as we are sincere, we will eventually be able to live up to that high ideal.

March 30th Carrying on

Thanks for tagging along for the last ten years on this often rambling attempt to chronicle the 'trials and tribulations' of the iMonk... even if it's just to learn from some of the many mistakes that I have made :)


April 30th Just a minute!

An occasional series to give you pause: don't let your imagination get the better of you, limit your potential, and confine you to this world.


June 30th Observing ekadasi

Why do we observe ekadasi? Should we observe nirjal ekadasi without jal? What should we do when we forget to observe ekadasi?


July 14th Revealing cover

The cover of Srila Gurudeva's latest book, Revealed Truth, is a subtle indication of just how sublime this presentation of that revelation is.


December 19th What a day!

One fond memory I have of Srila Gurudeva, while commemorating his Vyasa Puja today, is from this blog I wrote on December 11th, 2004.

iMonk — December 19th, 2013