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Krishna is described as "Reality the Beautiful." Whatever we may think we know about Krishna is but the shadow of a picture of His true beauty. Only unconditional surrender, submissive inquiry, and exclusive service to His agent, Srila Gurudeva, will sufficiently elevate our consciousness to give us a glimpse of Reality.

About Divinity

· Back to Godhead

· God and "The Godhead"

· The simple life

Krishna's Birth

· Krishna's birthday

· Sri Krishna Janmastami

· Birth of Lord Krishna

Krishna's Pastimes

· Child's play

· Mother Yasoda

Srimati Radharani

· Sri Radhastami

· Radhastami

Eternal Companions

· Lord Balaram

· Krishna's older brother

Other Incarnations

· Rama & Krishna

· Who's fooling who?

· Lord Nrisinghadev's appearance

Chaitanya Lila

· Loving search

· Sri Gadadhara Pandit

· Srimati Vishnupriya

Deity Worship

· Deities and idols

· Gaura-Nityananda deities

· Welcome interruption

· Just a minute!

· Wake-up call

· Sincerity is invincible

· Eye exercise


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