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Blogs on the way to, from, and at the various places and countries the iMonk has visited as a pilgrim and as a traveling preacher, on five continents — Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and South America.

With Srila Gurudeva

· [20th] Tour report

· 21st World Tour begins

· A grand reception

· 23rd World Tour begins

On the way...

· Airport questions and answers

· Coming and going

· Another step

· Two rivers

· Return to Africa

· Dubai to Johannesburg


· Ekachakra revisited

· To Siliguri

· Friendly city

· Bamunpara & Nadanghat


· White nights

· In the "forest"

· Russian trains


· Historic first

· Muslim country, secular republic

· An evening in London


· Pygmy in Africa

· Back to my roots

· City of Gold

· To Durban


· To Caracas

· Back to Venezuela

· New Year's eve

· Last day in Mexico


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