San Francisco, California — Friday, July 6th

Another step

The pre-Socratic philosopher, Heraclitus, said: "You cannot step into the same river twice, for fresh waters are ever flowing in upon you."

Everything is constantly changing. Reality is a succession of transitory states. I can remember the past and I can dream of the future, but I can only act in the present... The future is now!

At the San Francisco Airport, I board the British Airways flight for London and Calcutta...

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London, England — Saturday, July 7th

Two rivers

It seems like a long flight — eighteen hours — until I realize that we gained eight hours crossing the Atlantic...

The plane is full at this time of the year. Everyone is on summer vacation, and London is a must for many, so the planes are stacked over Heathrow.

I stare idly out the window, and am pleasantly surprised to see that we circle the city of London on our landing approach to the airport. As the plane banks into a wide turn, I have a magnificent view of the Thames, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Tower Bridge...

But it is not the Thames that I have come to see... I'll be looking out for another, mightier river — the sacred Ganges...

Tags: On the way

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