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August 2007

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Week 1
India: West Bengal: Calcutta

Guru Purnima
Celebrating Guru Purnima with Srila Gurudeva at the Dum Dum Park temple in Calcutta.

Vaisnava Darshan
The new Vaisnava Darshan web site shares "videos and pictures of Srila Gurudeva and his mission."

Week 2
India: West Bengal: Calcutta

23rd World Tour begins
Srila Gurudeva begins his 23rd World Tour today, with His Divine Grace's first visit to Bangkok, Thailand.

Disappearing gurus
Why do we refer to these days (the anniversary of the death of all our great Vaishnava acharyas) as "disappearance" days?

Week 3
India: West Bengal: Calcutta

Along came a spider... frighten the iMonk out of his complacency, compelling him to see just how capricious and precarious life in this world is.

Week 4
India: West Bengal: Calcutta

Lord Balaram
As the older brother, Lord Balaram paves the way for Krishna, and as the guru, He shows us the way to Krishna.

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