California, USA — April 30th, 2013

Just a minute!

Imagine a world with a civilization so advanced that there are no crimes or misdemeanors of any kind. All the citizens are altruistic, law-abiding, productive members of society, living in harmony with the environment and with each other, serving the greater good...

Imagine if there is not only no crime in this utopia, but nobody even thinks of engaging in any sort of criminal activity — or any other type of undesirable, selfish, or antisocial behavior, for that matter. And, in order to keep it this way, anybody who wanted to live there had to pass a rigorous examination before they are allowed to enter.

Suppose this civilization's technology is so sophisticated that it could detect if anybody was congenitally (karmically) predisposed to criminal activities of any kind, no matter how minor, and segregate them in a limbo of sorts, until they conformed to the extraordinarily high standard expected of all citizens of this world.

Let's say that these undesirable elements were not barred from entering this society, but were temporarily confined to an alternate reality — a dog-eat-dog dystopia where they could harmlessly live out all their fantasies and fulfill all their perverted desires and ambitions — until their consciousness and behavior completely reformed.

Let's also suppose that these poor souls aren't abandoned to that fate forever. Expert psychiatrists and psychologists constantly enter into this alternate reality, into the mental world of these comatose souls, to try to draw them out of their madness, to adjust their consciousness, to encourage them in a life of service, so that they can finally be allowed to join the anxious citizens of this idyllic society.

Wouldn't that be awesome? Wouldn't you just love to live in this veritable paradise? Imagine how wonderful such a world must be...

Are you ready for this?

Stop imagining.

You are already a member of this utopian society! So am I.

Welcome, comrade... Would you like a tour of our sector?

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