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New Turkish archive

About three years ago, Krishnendrani Devi Dasi — a former English teacher who graciously acted as my interpreter during my lecture tour of the Turkey in July/August 2003 — began translating some of my blogs and putting them on the bulletin board in the temple room of the Sri Govinda Math Yoga Center in Ankara, the Turkish capital.

Krishnendrani began regularly translating selected iMonk blogs into Turkish in the ensuing years, and posting them on the Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math's Turkish web site.

Kundalata Devi Dasi — who maintains the Russian iMonk web site — began collaborating with Krishnendrani to publish some of these Turkish translations on this iMonk web site when they met in Saint Petersburg during Srila Gurudeva's 22nd World Tour last year, in the middle of October. Krishnendrani translates, proofreads and edits the blogs; Kundalata writes the code, publishes, and maintains the web site.

Now that the entire 2006 iMonk archive — along with some letters and a brief biography — has been fully translated into Turkish and formatted for the web, we are ready to go online. When selected blogs from 2003-2005 (currently grayed out) are translated, they will be added to the Main Archive.

For convenience, the most recently translated Turkish blogs are listed on a What's new? page, along with a short excerpt from the text, and the date on which they were originally published in English. The most recently translated iMonk blog is always available on the home page.

Special thanks to Krishnendrani and Kundalata for respectively making these Turkish and Russian iMonk archives possible!

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