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New Russian archive

Introducing the iMonk's new Russian archive. Many of my blogs have been translated into Russian over the past two years. These (and newer translations, letters, biography, etc.) are now available on this site. The Russian archive will eventually mirror the English archive.

Two years ago, Swarup Prabhu — a young student that I met in Zaporizhzhya on my first lecture tour of the Ukraine in November 2003 — began translating some of my blogs and reading them at the weekly nama-sangha meetings held by the devotees in that city. A few months later, he started emailing the translated blogs to interested devotees in the Ukraine, Russia, and Siberia.

Last year, another young (foreign languages) student from Moscow, Kundalata Devi Dasi (who writes raw HTML code!) began to translate selected iMonk blogs and post them on the web site. At the Gaura Purnima festival in Navadwip dham earlier this year, we discussed the possibility of her translating, updating and maintaining a Russian archive on this web site.

Today, we are ready to go online. The 2006 archive is fully translated. A quick look at the Main Archive will show you which months in 2005 and 2006 are translated and which months (grayed out) are not. The 2003 archive has not been translated yet...

All the most recently translated Russian blogs are conveniently listed on the What's new? page, along with a short excerpt from the text, and the date that they were originally published.

The main page will always feature this month's most recent blog.

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