Moscow, Russia — Friday, October 13th

iMonk returns

This week the iMonk returns to Russia after a little over a year, and to regular blogging after a hiatus of almost two months...

Sorry I haven't written anything in my iMonk blog recently... I haven't had the inspiration to write anything during the last couple of months, and I didn't want to write just for the sake of writing, when I didn't really have anything to say...

After my last iMonk entry at the beginning of August, I returned to California for nine weeks, and now I'm on the midnight train from Moscow to Saint Petersburg, to join Srila Gurudeva on his 22nd World Tour...

Twenty-two world tours! Can you believe it? After Srila Gurudeva suffered from so many health problems in Mexico and California on his 21st World Tour, we thought that would be the last world tour.

When I left India at the beginning of August, Srila Gurudeva had expressed his desire to visit Russia (and England) again, but even His Divine Grace did not think he would be able to go this year, because he was feeling quite poorly at the time.

But, here we are two months later... another world tour!

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