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November 2006

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Week 1
Russia: Saint Petersburg

Haiku lamenting Srila Gurudeva's departure.

Cold comfort
The cold Russian weather and the fresh snow increases the iMonk's feeling of separation from his guru.

Week 2
Russia: Smolensk

Warm welcome
The iMonk catches the midnight train from Moscow to Smolensk for a weekend preaching engagement in that city.

Real welfare work
The iMonk urges students from the Smolensk Medical Academy to investigate the cause of disease, not just treat its symptoms.

Week 3
Russia: Saint Petersburg

Russian trains
Why the iMonk prefers to ride in the third class car (platskartniy) when traveling by rail in Russia.

Week 4+
Russia: Yaroslavl

Another lesson
The iMonk is again reminded that appearances can be deceiving when he returns to Yaroslavl after three years.

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