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Top ten blogs

The iMonk web site is growing: five months ago a Russian Archive was added; last week the Turkish Archive premiered; today we introduce the Top Ten — a web page featuring the ten most popular iMonk blogs.

This continually changing, frequently reshuffled list of the most popular iMonk blogs — based on the number of times the blog has been viewed, readers' comments, and other statistics — will be updated monthly.

By far, the most popular iMonk blog is:

Forgotten promises
How have we become such "slaves to circumstances," forgetting the solemn promise that we made to ourselves and to our guru?

—Originally published on August 21st, 2004
—Translated into: Russian | Turkish | Spanish

iMonk readers still comment on, and send email about this blog — two and a half years after it was first published! It has been translated into at least three foreign languages and was published in Gaudiya Darshan, the Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math newsletter, last year.

Another very popular blog (in second place) is:

Sincerity is invincible
Hope for the hopeless. Don't be discouraged when you inevitably fail to follow the four regulative principles, but don't be insincere!

—Originally published on July 28th, 2006
—Translated into: Russian | Turkish

Here is a typical reader response to this blog: "After the first two blogs of this series, I was so grateful for this affectionate reassurance. It reminded me that when 'my faith is weak and my future dark,' when I feel lost or confused, uncertain about where I'm heading, and why, I must turn to those who stand like lighthouses: to Srila Gurudev... [who] is so kind to us that all he asks for is sincerity, not perfection."

I was surprised, however, that this blog

The iMonk is self-conscious about his so-called service: is it really necessary? What causes him to backpedal from this notion?

—Originally published on June 7th, 2006
—Translated into: Russian | Turkish

not only finished in the "top ten," but was one of the "top three" blogs! I triple-checked the iMonk "web activity report," the scripts, and the log files... No mistake. It was definitely in the top three!

But, going through the iMonk feedback, I was reminded just how big a response I got to this blog. (You can see a sampling of these responses in the follow-up, Going forward blog.) Okay. Number three it is!

Take a look at the other seven to see if your favorite blogs made the iMonk's Top Ten list — this and every month.

Do you have a favorite iMonk blog? Use the Feedback Form to submit your suggestions. (Don't forget to include the URL of the blog!)

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