Durban, South Africa — Wednesday, November 21st

Just a minute!

The little girl comes running in from the garden. Breathlessly, she holds an assortment of freshly picked flowers up to him.

"These are for you," she says, shyly averting her eyes.


He smiles thinly, to disguise his dismay. Such beautiful flowers... sacrificed for him!

Silly girl!

Because she plucked these poor, pretty flowers for such an unworthy recipient, because she naively thought that he was a devotee, both she, and he, would incur a negative reaction...

Then he brightens.

If he offered these flowers to a real Vaishnava — to his gurudeva — on the girl's behalf, then she, and he, and the flowers, would benefit.

His smile broadens.

"Thank you," he says, taking the flowers from her outstretched hand.

But now his face is shining with genuine gratitude and affection, for she has compelled him to remember, and to serve, his guru.

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