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October 2007

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Week 1
South Africa: Johannesburg: Lenasia

Just a minute!
Part of a series of allegorical anecdotes to give you something to think about, or act as a wake-up call: What is prasadam?

Week 2
South Africa: Durban: Phoenix

To Durban
The iMonk returns to his old hometown for a couple of weeks.

How to eat a bunny
Chowing down on Durban's famous bunny chow.

Week 3
South Africa: Durban: Phoenix

Hungry for a miracle
Does God really have nothing better to do than to appear in a bag of potato chips to satisfy a hungry couch potato?

Week 4
South Africa: Johannesburg: Lenasia

Srila Narottama Das Thakur
The miraculous life of the great Vaishnava saint and songwriter whose devotional songs continue to inspire and motivate us.

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