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November 2007

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Week 1
South Africa: Johannesburg: Lenasia

Srila Guru Maharaj's mercy
Our guardians must sometimes be cruel to be kind. We receive their special mercy when they care enough to correct us.

Week 2
South Africa: Johannesburg: Lenasia

Child's play
Even as a child, Krishna performed amazing, superhuman feats — like lifting Govardhan Hill with the little finger of His left hand!

Srila Prabhupad's compassion
Even after he left this world, Srila Prabhupad still came back "to go near people who were lost in life, and teach them..."

Week 3
South Africa: Durban: Phoenix

Just a minute!
Part of a series of anecdotes and/or allegories to give you pause: Utilizing everything in Srila Gurudeva's service.

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