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May 2006

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Week 1
India: West Bengal: Calcutta

Spiritual archaeology
The iMonk suggests that we become "spiritual archaeologists" if we want to uncover the self, to understand who we really are...

Week 2
India: West Bengal: Calcutta

Who's fooling who?
If you think you can fool God, you are fooling yourself. If you try to cheat Him, He will cheat you. Just ask Hiranyakashipu!

Week 3
India: West Bengal: Calcutta

Embarrassing predicament
The iMonk's smugness turns to embarrassment when realizes that the Bengali phrase, ganga-jale, ganga puja, applies to him!

Week 4+
India: West Bengal: Calcutta

A touch of grace
What is prasadam? A shortsighted focus on the ritual can blur the reality... and prevent us from recognizing Sri Guru's grace.

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