The future is now!

Error: Page Not Found

Duh! How could it be found? You were following a link to the iMonk's 2008 Archive — a page that cannot exist yet, because it is in the future! :)

The iMonk is not the turbaned caricature of a swami (does anyone still remember those?) that you used to see at funfairs. He cannot foretell the future because he does not have a crystal ball...

So why did the web server at generate a "Page Not Found" error? Perhaps to remind you to:

· Trust no future, however pleasant?
· Let the dead past bury its dead?
· Act — act in the living present
  (heart within, and God overhead)?

Think about it for a while... and then click any of the links on this page to go back to the future. Good luck!

(If you do not take any action — if you do not "act in the living present" — you will be forced to see that... The future is now!)

Tags: Humor

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April Fool joke by iMonk — April 1st, 2007.