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March 2010

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Week 1
USA : California

Consciousness and shadow consciousness
How the soul (pure consciousness) has to be 'dumbed down' to fool it into accepting that this illusory material world is real.

Week 2
USA : California

Bhagavad Gita walkthrough
How to beat the Game of Your Life using the Bhagavad Gita as a walkthrough, strategy guide, user manual, and FAQ.

Week 3
India : Calcutta

Service life
Everyone should read these timely "reflections, reminders and guidelines of Vaishnava standards, behavior and etiquette."

Week 4+
India : Navadwip

Srila Gurudeva enters samadhi
On this tragic day, Srila Gurudeva's explanation of samadhi helps us to understand how he will always be living with us.

Test of fire
In Sri Guru and His Grace, Srila Guru Maharaj gives pertinent advice for the predicament in which we now find ourselves.

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