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April 2011

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Week 1
India : Navadwip

Lotus feet
We get the shade of Srila Gurudeva's lotus feet when he accepts our service... but it is not so easy to serve Gurudeva!

Week 2
India : Calcutta

Living in eternity
Will the world end in 2012? Are we all going to die soon? Our gurus advise us to stop worrying and start living in eternity.

Week 3
India : Navadwip

A sad day...
A sad day at the Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math in Navadwip on the first anniversary of Srila Gurudeva's disappearance.

Srila Gurudeva's murti
Srila Gurudeva's murti (divine form) is installed in His Divine Grace's samadhi mandir, the "Temple of Love and Affection."

Week 4+
California : USA

Just a minute!
An occasional series of anecdotes/allegories to give you pause: If only there was a vehicle that could take us to Vaikuntha...

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