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December 2004

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Week 1
Mexico: Veracruz / USA: California: Soquel

Back to California
A surprise awaits Srila Gurudeva when he returns to California at the end of his 21st World Tour to Venezuela and Mexico.

Week 2
USA: California: Los Gatos, Soquel

A strong recovery
Srila Gurudeva makes a strong recovery after his operation.

Happy return
Srila Gurudeva returns to the Seva Ashram after surgery.

iMonk finds himself (happily) unemployed.

Week 3
USA: California: Soquel

Huge email response to last week's "A strong recovery" blog.

Job offer — from Russia
Avadhut Maharaj takes pity on iMonk.

Week 4+
USA: California: Soquel

More mail
More responses to "A strong recovery," from Eastern Europe.

Vyasa Puja
The 75th anniversary of Srila Gurudeva's appearance.

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