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October 2004

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Week 1
USA: California: Soquel

Vigilant service
An awful reminder that we must always be careful, attentive, and especially vigilant when we serve Srila Gurudeva.

Week 2
USA: California: Soquel

Auspicious environment
The environment at the Seva Ashram has become so auspicious now that Srila Gurudeva is living and walking on the land.

Week 3
USA: California: Soquel

Peripheral attachments
You can give up your job, your home, your possessions, your family, and still be attached to some little, inconsequential thing.

Week 4+
USA: California: Soquel

On top of the world
The devotees build a road so that Srila Gurudeva can fulfill his desire to ride his scooter to the top of the hill to see the ocean.

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