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July 2005

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Week 1
Ukraine: Kiev / Russia: Moscow

Three capitals in three days
iMonk's long three-day train journey from Simferopol (Crimea) to Moscow (Russia), via Kiev (Ukraine).

Meeting in Moscow
Reunion of three sannyasis godbrothers.

Week 2
Russia: Saint Petersburg

White nights
The famous "white nights" of Saint Petersburg.

Week 3
Russia: Moscow

Preparing for the festivals
Getting ready for the EthnoLife and Vaishnava festivals.

Week 4+
Russia: Moscow

EthnoLife 2005
The first day of the multi-cultural EthnoLife 2005 festival.

In the "forest"
"Roughing it" in the so-called forest :)

Enormous success
25,000 attend a festival of cultural, religious and racial diversity in an ecologically friendly, drug and alcohol-free environment.

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